My Majesty

by Hello Dylan Wise



There are all short songs recorded very quickly without thinking


released June 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Hello Dylan Wise Boston, Massachusetts

I do things with music sometimes, and other times I do things on

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Track Name: Dante's Peak
Everything is the same thing
A great god or a great sea
They keep me pure, they wash me clean
Like Dante's Peak
Track Name: Mix CDs
I don't know just what I need or why I got rid of all my mix CDs
I just wanted to get rid of something easy, easy
Track Name: Worst Old Person
Find the one that loves you when you're the fucking worst
You're the fucking worst

Find someone that you can hold
Someone to love you until you get old
Track Name: You Could Move
One of you is calling me back home, yeah
Move to the Midwest and buy a home, son
You can do it any way you want - you can do it any time you want
You can move back home

All it takes is a little bit of time
All it takes is a little bit of savings, alright?
All it takes is a little bit of defeat
You can get all you need
Track Name: Walk You Out
I can walk you out the way you came in
Like a hurricane of raging winds
Now you can see why I can't love you like I should
and give you more than you want, so goodbye
I can't give you more than you want, so goodbye
Track Name: April 19, 2017
Aaron Hernandez is dead and I couldn't give less of a shit
Track Name: April 18, 2017
Jimmy, Matt and Eliot and Garon's there for some reason
It's Never Not Funny
Track Name: April 28, 2017
It's Friday again and I'm not doing anything
Track Name: Run From President
Run from President
Now we'll never get back on track, don't look now the pussy grabs back